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Our Founding

Zerr Berg Architects was founded in 2001 by Brian Berg and Tim Zerr alongside Steve Gehrtz and our sister company, Gehrtz Construction Services. We set out to create a collaborative environment dedicated to serving regional communities.

Tim Zerr’s architectural career of over 40 years includes many significant projects throughout North Dakota and Minnesota. Before his retirement in 2022 his practice was characterized by a very hands-on, pragmatic client-centered approach to design. An approach that continues to live on in each project Zerr Berg Architects takes on. He was, and continues to be, an amazing mentor and source of knowledge for countless coworkers, interns and professionals. Tim worked on many of the schools in Fargo/Moorhead and oversaw the design of Concordia College’s connective skyway systems. Tim’s legacy lives on through each employee of Zerr Berg Architects and he is a welcome visitor to the office to help talk through design questions and problem solve issues.

Brian Berg has been involved in the Fargo/Moorhead architectural scene for over 25 years. His vast portfolio includes projects in all areas of commercial architecture including multiple church and education projects and extensive work with the North Dakota National Guard. Brian served the NDANG for 20 years and continues to support their missions and service. He is a committed and dedicated leader, ensuring that each of his projects aligns closely with his client’s needs, wants and goals. Brian passionately leads his design teams through challenges and works with each member to ensure their growth and professional development.

An Intentional Partnership

Zerr Berg Architects and Gehrtz Construction Services are closely intertwined and offer each other insight and professional advice when working together or with other design/construction firms in the area. This exchange of information allows both firms to succeed beyond the scope of their duties and gives each project a well thought through altruistic feeling when moving between design and construction phases.

Our Philosophy

From our inception, the philosophy at Zerr Berg Architects has always been focused on building relationships and trust with clients, contractors, partnering firms and community members. This foundational philosophy has led us to become a trusted and valued tool for many local businesses and clients. Our projects are designed to hold up over time and accommodate our client’s needs and goals not just for the present, but well into the future as well. The trust that we build with our clients throughout, and often after, a project has brought us many return clients, giving us the opportunity to form very close bonds with business and nonprofit owners.

Our motto, “creating community through inspired design” is at the core of our process. We’re a people first firm, meaning that our clients come first. We view every project as a potential solution to a problem, each step a complex puzzle with many moving pieces that we need to piece together in order to create a perfect solution for our clients. Client concerns become ours as we collaborate and listen to them throughout the entire design process. Collaboration and communication are our keys to success.

Our Staff

Our Projects

Community is at the core of what we do – each of our projects goes on to serve the area in a multitude of ways. We enjoy empowering our clients and giving them the ability to continue their servitude and work. Some of the project types we’ve completed are education, worship, community, healthcare, government/military and commercial.

Our Projects

Our Current Leadership

Brian Berg – Co-Founder

Following the calling to start an architecture firm with a focus on people, service, and relationships, Brian co-founded Zerr Berg Architects in 2001 alongside his two business partners. His over 20 years of service with the North Dakota National Guard and continued partnerships with local schools, churches and non-profits have allowed him to lead with a servant’s heart, focusing on ensuring that all clients ZBA represents feel included, heard, and welcomed as part of the design process. Repeat clients have remained a testament to the level of service Brian provides and he is frequently seen throughout the community advocating and supporting past and current clients through board and community meetings, legislative sessions, and volunteering.

Steve Gehrtz – Co-Founder

As one of the three original founders of Zerr Berg Architects and Gehrtz Construction Services, Steve saw a gap in the Construction Management sector and set out to create a company that put clients’ best interests first, always. With nearly half a century of CM experience, Steve focuses on building trusted relationships with contractors, subconsultants, clients and other professional services to achieve a collaborative and transparent construction experience. Well known for accurate estimating and his ability to keep projects within strict budgets, his fiduciary prowess benefits every project that runs through our office. Steve’s work ethic has inspired the staff to work tirelessly on behalf of our clients, but with a joyful and generous spirit.

Dan Kleist- Joined GCS Partner Team 2018

Dan Kleist has been with Gehrtz Construction Services since its inception in 2001 and has grown his career through dedication, hard work and an exceptional work ethic that his clients and staff have grown to appreciate. Dan joined the leadership team in 2018 and has been a valued source of knowledge and encouragement to numerous interns and construction managers ever since. Dan leads his project teams through obstacles and unexpected issues with a smooth grace and confidence that comes from his years of experience.

Tony Wolf – Joined ZBA Partner Team 2018

Tony Wolf first came to Zerr Berg Architect’s as a student intern in 2006 while pursuing his Master of Architecture from North Dakota State University. Since then, he has fully committed to the firm’s people-first design approach and has led numerous large-scale projects from conception to completion. Tony leads his projects with an ease and willingness that makes clients feel heard and valued throughout the entire process. He works hard to ensure that everyone on the design team has a voice and full understanding of each project. He has helped numerous interns transition into full-time careers as project managers and architects and enjoys sharing in their success. Tony joined the firm’s leadership team in 2018.

 Matt Gehrtz Joined GCS Partner Team 2022

Matt Gehrtz joined Gehrtz Construction Services in 2016. After pursuing a career in civil engineering Matt realized that he enjoyed the hands-on, interpersonal work of construction management. His engineering background helps him fully understand a project and enables him to communicate more clearly with the design team and client throughout each project stage. Matt brings a personable eagerness with him onto each jobsite, and he excels at leading emerging construction managers and contractors through obstacles that occur on a jobsite each day. He joined the firm’s leadership team in 2022 and has worked on numerous projects throughout the region.

 Tyler Brandriet Joined ZBA Partner Team 2024

Originally drawn to the career after a junior high art class, Tyler has fully immersed himself in the architectural world since graduating from NDSU with a Master of Architecture. Joining the firm in 2010, he loves the multifaceted aspects of architectural projects, relishing the opportunity to learn new things every day while building relationships with his clients. Tyler is a passionate leader who shines in the face of challenges, successfully leading his project team through  many high impact challenges and constraints. He embraces the opportunity to solve challenges with his teams and produce a high-quality project for clients.