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Bell Insurance Fargo, ND

Bell Insurance

The Bell Insurance building is a mixed-use office building for Bell Bank in the heart of downtown Fargo. The upper floors house Bell Insurance while the lower floors accommodate other Bell Bank divisions. The fourth floor serves as a building wide breakroom with a rooftop patio that features panoramic views of downtown.

The keystone elements for this project were the addition of the fourth floor and the exterior building refresh. The Broadway storefront façade was updated with contemporary materials to integrate the building into the existing architectural landscape and help it stand out along the iconic Broadway Avenue. Interior work centered around upgrading bathrooms to current accessibility standards and reorganizing workstations with ergonomics and efficiency in mind. The mechanical system was overhauled and updated as well.

All interior finishes were updated to create a modern, fresh space for employees. Furniture was selected purposefully to be flexible and allow for multiple configurations based on department sizes and future growth.

Project Specifications

Completion Date:2019
Square Footage:24,393
Scope of Work:Renovation, Addition


ZBA Design Team:
CM Firm:Gehrtz Construction