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Lutheran Church of the Cross West Fargo, ND

Lutheran Church of the Cross

Needing additional space in their facility for group classes and gatherings, Lutheran Church of the Cross worked with Zerr Berg Architects to remodel their existing space into a more flexible configuration. Three extra classrooms and a new welcome area were added to the church. The classrooms provide closed off space for classes and smaller gatherings to occur while larger groups remain in the fellowship hall. The entry lobby can now host large groups and has a space for active worship. Mechanical, electric and fire-safe systems were also upgraded to current code standards and safety practices.

Project Specifications

Completion Date:2021
Design Features:Flexible spaces to accommodate small group breakouts for class levels and large group gatherings for entire parish
Scope of Work:Renovation


ZBA Architects:
Mechanical Consultant:Obernel Engineering, Inc.
Electrical Consultant:Obernel Engineering, Inc.