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North Dakota State University Fargo, ND

NDSU Veterinary Diagnostic Lab

Providing exceptional diagnostic and necropsy facilities for the North Dakota Agricultural Extension Service and North Dakota State University, the Veterinary Diagnostic Lab was designed as a highly efficient, contemporary laboratory facility. The design included flexible and adaptable laboratory planning concepts and technology systems in order to accommodate any future mission priorities or scientific advances.

The building was meticulously planned out, based on the needs and wants of the staff and the materials they work with daily. The lab has a Biosafety Level 3 room, suitable for work with infectious agents, and an incinerator room for disposing of large specimens. A number of unique environmental design concepts were utilized in the build like the geothermal well field for heating and cooling and the utilization of natural daylight to help ease the cost and upkeep of fluorescent light.

Project Specifications

Completion Date:2017
Square Footage:28000
Scope of Work:New Build


ZBA Architects:
Civil Consultant:MBN Engineering, Inc.
Structural Consultant:Heyer Engineering, Inc.
Mechanical Consultant:Obernel Engineering, Inc.
Electrical Consultant:MBN Engineering, Inc.
Other Consultants:DA: Canon Design