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Triumph Lutheran Brethren Church West Fargo, ND

Triumph Lutheran Brethren Church West

This second campus for Triumph Lutheran Brethren Church gives the congregation extra room and flexibility through the use of a new multi-purpose auditorium that can be used as a sanctuary, meeting room or activity center. The entryway has ample space for gathering before large events and is separated from the main space by a large glass overhead door to allow for easy movement between the two spaces. The door also allows for the entryway to be used as overflow seating for larger events that require more space. Other spaces in the church include a nursery, office and full-service kitchen.

This campus was designed to accommodate the additions of a large sanctuary space, an education wing and additional administrative spaces in the future.

Project Specifications

Completion Date:2009
Square Footage:12,850
Scope of Work:New Build


ZBA Design Team:
CM Firm:Gehrtz Construction Services