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Architectural Intern

Alex Stalboerger

Alex has been working at Zerr Berg Architects as an architectural intern since 2022. As an intern, Alex works on most ZBA projects and enjoys working with and learning from his peers, ravishing the opportunity to pick up new skills. Alex is currently studying Architecture at North Dakota State University. Alex enjoys biking, camping, playing board games, and spending time with his family outside of work and school.

What interested you in pursuing architecture as a career?
Architecture is the perfect blend of science and art. I originally pursued a career in environmental science and ultimately felt I lacked a good creative outlet. Architecture allows for creativity within the realm of science in a context that humanity can interact with daily.

What made you want to intern here?
ZBA is kind of the complete package when it comes to a full-service firm. Their partnership with Gehrtz Construction Services and the addition of an interior design team allows them to offer employees a full, comprehensive view of the complete design and build process. I feel that I can really grow and hone my craft here and gain experience in areas that I otherwise might be missing out on.

What have been the most exciting and challenging aspects of your internship so far?
I’ve been given the reigns a few times to showcase my own design eye in a few of the projects I’ve worked on. It’s been exciting to know that, while small, a part of me will live on in these buildings. Familiarizing myself with the firm’s technology and how they use it has been challenging. In school, we’re taught the basics of a lot of well-used programs like Revit, but each firm in the professional world uses programs differently so adapting to that has been a welcome challenge.