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Project Manager

Brett Rathbone

Brett joined Zerr Berg Architects in 2018. He enjoys getting to know his clients and strives to understand their unique needs and ideas for a project before beginning. A major part of his process is creating visual aids to help clients envision the result of a project while also encouraging them to provide input and design ideas. Brett is a thorough, personable and committed project manager for each of his clients. He has a Master of Architecture degree from North Dakota State University. Outside of work, Brett enjoys tinkering with electronics, working on home improvement projects, and learning new skills.

What interested you in pursuing project management/architecture as a career?
As a kid, I loved to build structures with Legos or K’Nex and draw buildings of various types and scales. I’ve always liked seeing how things are constructed – architecture seemed like a natural progression of that passion! In school, I loved drawing and making 2D and 3D models in class. Now, I love working on complex models and creating project drawings and documents.

What’s the best part of your job?
Seeing my drawings come to life and become finished buildings. I love the tangibility of the work that we do. The reward of seeing a physical building at the end of a project is very satisfying. I also enjoy working closely with clients and watching their excitement as their dreams and visions become a reality. Watching their reaction to a finished space is always the best part.

What is your favorite Fargo/Moorhead building? Why?
I’m a big fan of the addition to the existing downtown fire station in Fargo. There were a lot of weird site and urban planning issues around the area that were solved by the project. It now features a view into the station where an old fire engine is displayed for anyone passing by to observe.