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Marketing Proposal Manager

Brian Jackson

As part of the marketing team focused on responding to requests for proposals and qualifications, Brian joined ZBA in 2024 as the Proposal Marketing Manager. Bringing an infection energy to the office, he specializes in communicating with current and potential clients, breaking down the technical aspects of our work into consumable, client-focused content. In his free time, he enjoys both indoors and outdoors with camping, reading, hiking, playing video games, and cooking.

In your own words, describe your job.
I am at the very beginning of the design and construction processes here. My job is to prospect, visualize, organize, and execute every facet of the proposal process. My focus is to successfully build awareness and client relationships that will eventually lead to partnerships where we can, as a company, serve our clients and the community through new or reimagined spaces.

What’s the best part of your job?
Although I love my job’s day-to-day hustle, it’s enjoyable to get to see the sites in person when they’re under construction or completed! For example, being on-site to take professional photographs at the completion of a project. My first experience doing that was at the Moorhead High School and that building is just immaculate!