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Project Manager

Collin Johnson

With nearly a decade of experience in the industry, Collin joined the ZBA team in 2023. Collin brings a deep understanding of innovation and problem-solving to each of his projects and enjoys crafting spaces that bring people together from every corner of the community. Outside of work, Collin enjoys hunting, fishing, and working in his garage whether it’s engines or woodworking.

In your own words, describe your job.
Project management is about listening to the client about their needs and requirements for their project and then making sure those are being met and implemented throughout the design and construction process. It is also about the technical aspects of the project; meeting and coordinating with consultants, other project staff, and contractors, making sure that the project is being moved forward. This process really lasts from the initial project designs to a year or more after the client has moved in to their space.

What’s the best part of your job?
I most enjoy getting to work through design challenges and details to come up with a functional and aesthetically pleasing solution that serves our clients, improves their lives and creates a space that they will enjoy being in for years to come. Working on projects that are going to benefit a large group of the community is also satisfying – thinking of all the gatherings that will take place in those facilities is pretty inspiring!

What is one of your favorite local non-profits?
The Fargo-Moorhead Salvation Army. I have volunteered bell ringing for them and it feels really good to be a tiny part of the good they are doing in our community, especially around the holidays.