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Project Manager

Cooper Johnson

Cooper has been with Zerr Berg Architects since 2018. He has a Master of Architecture degree from North Dakota State University. Ever the learner, Cooper enjoys working on projects that have something new to teach him. He enjoys diving into project drawings and ensuring that they’re correct and easily legible. Outside of work, Cooper enjoys staying active and being outside as much as possible.

What interested you in pursuing project management/architecture as a career?
I was always very drawn to Legos as a kid and enjoyed building complex, interesting structures with them. I often found myself problem-solving by drawing things out on paper and getting a visual idea of the issue before implementing a plan to fix it.

What made you want to work here?
During my time as an intern, I loved seeing the wide array of projects that the firm took on. I enjoyed learning about different project types and seeing all the work that goes into them. I saw a lot of opportunity to learn more and to grow my skills and knowledge base. I see them growing the greater Fargo-Moorhead area and that growth and expansion is exciting to me.

What is a type of project that you have always wanted to work on?
An athletic complex or stadium would be fun to work on. It’d be interesting to learn about all the technology and innovation that goes into designing such large stadiums and working on the drawings would be fun as there would be so many little details to iron out.