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Construction Manager

James Lansing V

James has been with Gehrtz Construction Services since 2020. As a construction manager, James is committed to ensuring that the project goes smoothly overall and on a day-to-day basis. He facilitates communication between all contractors and ensures that everyone knows their duty and timeline. James has a bachelor’s degree in construction management from North Dakota State University in Fargo. Outside of work, James loves anything that gets him outdoors. While his hobbies change with the seasons, he finds that his favorite go-to activities are hunting, fishing, playing bags, and camping.

What interested you in pursuing construction management as a career?
I’ve always enjoyed building things, I used to be very into Legos as a child, and kind of knew that I’d like to continue making things as a career. Originally, I thought I wanted to be a mechanical engineer but after I did a job shadow at a contracting company, I knew that construction management was the job for me!

What is your favorite type of project to work on? Why?
I really enjoy working on schools! They can be extremely stressful at times but knowing that there’s always going to be a solid end date helps push me forward and motivate me! There’s no room for error and the tight timelines make me think outside of the box on how to solve or prevent issues. Schools are always really rewarding once they’re finished, and students start to file in. I like that they push me to become a better CM.

What is a type of project that you have always wanted to work on?
I’ve always wanted to work on a swimming pool. I swam in high school and think it would be super cool and intriguing to see what sort of components and processes go into designing and installing one.