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Content Manager

Liz Beam

Liz has been with Zerr Berg Architects and Gehrtz Construction Services since 2022. She has an English Literature and Creative Writing degree from Augsburg University. Liz enjoys the creativity of content curation and having the ability to learn something new each day in the office. Outside of work she enjoys reading, writing, exploring national parks and caring for her numerous houseplants.

What interested you in pursuing your career?
I love writing and learning – social media and marketing trends in general move quickly so there’s always something new to learn and master.

What are your favorite ZBA/GCS projects?
I love the modern/industrial look of the Aldevron projects, they show super well and have a lot of visual interest. The Carl Ben Eielson Middle School project is also very close to my heart, I was part of the first group of students to move into the building once it was complete. It was very cool to learn that ZBA did that project once I joined the team.

What made you want to work here?
I was originally connected to ZBA/GCS through a friend but was drawn in by the focus on culture, creative freedom and the opportunity to learn about architecture and construction management each day. I love learning and seeing how things are put together so this was a great fit!