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There’s been a lot of movement at the site for the new Holy Cross Catholic Church in Fargo. Large cranes have been converging on the site to fly large glulam trusses high into the air so that they can be installed atop the construction.

Glulam beams are stress-rated engineered wood comprised of wood laminations that have been bonded together with durable, moisture-resistant adhesives. These beams will serve a dual purpose in Holy Cross, they’ll provide structural support for the ceilings and add dimension and interest to the interior design of the building. The exposed trusses will be paired with wooden decking on the ceilings, creating a warm welcoming atmosphere as folks gather and worship in the sanctuary. These features will also show off the church’s Romanesque architectural style. A style that will be carried throughout the church by incorporating thick walls, round arches, sturdy piers, groin vaults and symmetry into the interior of the building.

Construction teams are also working on installing brick to the exterior of the building, framing walls, pouring concrete floors, and fitting wood roof decking into the Narthex and Nave. The wood decking is also made from glulam wood and will coexist perfectly with the exposed trusses.

Once the trusses and decking have finished being installed, teams will move onto the structure of the steeple – an exciting step that will complete the initial framing of the church and give passersby a look at what the finished church will look like. Teams will also move towards getting the structure closed in before the winter so that they can begin interior work throughout the colder months with limited interruptions from the weather and temperatures.