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Principal Architect

Tyler Brandriet

Tyler has been with Zerr Berg Architects since 2010, joining the leadership team in 2024. Tyler is a master problem solver for his clients. He approaches each project with open eyes and an eagerness to learn. Every project presents a different challenge for him to solve, and he loves making a client’s life easier through his work. A lifelong learner, Tyler enjoys working on projects in fields or professions that he’s unfamiliar with. Tyler has a master’s degree in architecture from North Dakota State University. Outside of work, Tyler enjoys anything that gets him outside, playing card games, going on road trips and tending to plants.

What interested you in pursuing architecture as a career?
My parents were big inspirations for me. My dad was in the construction industry and my mom is a very talented, creative, and crafty person. Their combination of passions and interests lead me through life with those interests. I was further drawn in after working on a project for school that involved drawing perspectives of skyscrapers. A guidance counselor at school encouraged me to pursue architecture and after starting college I realized that there really was no other career that I could see myself having! I love how many facets there are and how there’s always something new to learn and master.

What is your favorite type of project to work on? Why?
My favorite projects are always those with very engaged and excited clients. I spend a lot of time with each client while working on projects and have found that when a client is excited by the process and keen on the result it’s easier to collaborate and get their input for design work.

Do you have a favorite local nonprofit?
Dear NICU Mama, they have a very important mission and I love how they bring people together and form support groups.