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Aldevron LLC Fargo, ND


Aldevron is is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of Plasmid DNA, mRNA and other high quality biologics in support of the pharmaceutical industry. The team of ZBA/BWBR has been working with the company since early 2019, master planning their headquarters campus in South Fargo. The recently completed north production facility significantly expands their manufacturing capacity and solidifies their place as a vital component of the production and supply chain for pharmaceutical research and for genetic therapies worldwide.

The new building is highly adaptable and flexible includes mechanical and electrical infrastructure that will allow for continued growth as well as the ability to react to market needs. Zerr Berg Architects and BWBR are honored to be a part of the Aldevron team. Master planning on the site includes future phases in support of their mission.

Project Specifications

Completion Date:2021
Scope of Work:Renovation, Addition, Master Planning


ZBA Architects:
CM Firm: Gehrtz Construction Services
Civil Consultant:Obernel Engineering, Inc.
Structural Consultant:Heyer Engineering, Inc.
Mechanical Consultant:Obernel Engineering, Inc.
Electrical Consultant:Obernel Engineering, Inc.
Other Consultants:DA: BWBR, LA: Aune Fernandex Lanscape Architects