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Aldevron, LLC Fargo, ND

Aldevron Expansion

In 2020 the world came to a standstill as the COVID-19 pandemic rose to prominence and changed how many industries and companies operate. While many industries found their products and services take a temporary dip in demand, the bioscience and bio pharmaceutical companies were thrust into the frontlines of vaccine research and production and Aldevron was at the heart of this demand.

Aldevron is one of the world’s largest manufacturer of Plasmid DNA, mRNA, proteins and other high-quality biologics that support the bio pharmaceutical industry. The demand for Aldevron’s services was already rising when the ZBA and BWBR project team began working on campus master planning and the rise of COVID-19 expedited the timeline for the project’s completion and called for more specialized manufacturing spaces and operational capacity to quickly help alleviate the stress on vaccination producers.

Change was a continuous theme of the project. During construction plans would have to change numerous times as the needs for Aldevron’s services continued to climb driven by client needs. With short timelines and a high need for workable spaces, the project team had to be reactive to change, highly efficient and accommodating. Throughout much of construction work had to be redirected while manufacturing and mechanical plans were revised to meet the everchanging demands and expectations of production throughout the building.

The project scope included renovation of a 45,000 sf building into a state-of-the-art biopharmaceutical research-grade and process development facility and a 189,000 sf expansion with the space and infrastructure to support the company’s growth and demand for years to come. Additions include production spaces, clean rooms, interstitial mechanical space, centralized waste facilities, 14,000 sf of high-bay warehouse storage and workspace for up to 620 employees.

Project Specifications

Completion Date:2021
Square Footage:234,000
Scope of Work:Renovation, Addition, Master Planning


ZBA Design Team:
CM Firm: Gehrtz Construction Services
Civil Consultant:CMTA
Structural Consultant:Heyer Engineering, Inc.
Mechanical Consultant:CMTA
Electrical Consultant:CMTA
Other Consultants:Design Architect: BWBR | Landscape Architect: Aune Fernandex Lanscape Architects